About Us

Who is Vim & Tonic?

When food loving couple Michelle and Bo invited their firstborn into the world, little did they know that amongst the many challenges of parenthood, they would also have to deal with their son’s eczema. Seeing as the steroid creams were not working, they decided to explore alternatives and the answer was simply a diet of wholesome, nutritious food. Lo and behold, the eczema was gone!

Bo: “So why can’t we find healthy food in the city?” Being the plucky couple that they were, they did something about it. Today, they’re the proud owner of a successful café with a focus on using organic and locally sourced produce.

Taking that experience from their café, Vim & Tonic was born as the perfect expression of their partnership with Healthy Life and what they stand for. Together, they hope to bring healthy, tasty, honest food to Sydney and beyond.

What is Vim & Tonic?

Vim & Tonic is a coffee bar, smoothie bar, sandwich bar and a salad bar. But more importantly, they are a bar with a difference, a Vitality Bar so to speak.

We will:

– always source organic and locally where possible

– always put yours and our health first

– always respect who you are

We will not:

– serve you food or drinks loaded with sugar

– add any unnecessary artificial flavouring, colouring, preservatives or chemicals

– judge you for the choices you make